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Run Diva with Ethereum clients and metrics from scratch

If you don't have Ethereum clients running in the Goerli testnet yet, this option is for you.

It is simpler to set up, although it will take a few hours for your Ethereum clients to sync.


First, you rename the file .env.example to .env and change the following values of the file:



This file is preconfigured to install the necessary Ethereum clients as dependencies. It contains:

You SHOULD first change the recommended values described in Option 1: Run with you own ETH clients in the .env file (you don't need to change the endpoints configuration). Continue configuring your node in Configure ports and run.

If you are running your node inside a local network (e.g. you are a home staker), you SHOULD make sure to forward the P2P ports of the Execution and Consensus clients to your host machine. For Geth and Prysm, you should forward the ports 30303/tcp, 30303/udp, and 13000/tcp. This is in addition to forwarding the Diva port 5050/tcp. This is not relevant for cloud servers.