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Start validating in Diva

Congratulations on installing your Diva node!

In Diva, all ETH deposits are bundled to create Ethereum validators with 32 ETHs each. Once a new validator is created, the Diva smart contract will coordinate the generation of validator key shares managed by Diva nodes like you.

Diva nodes need to post enough collateral (in the form of ETH of divETH) to the Diva smart contract to become eligible for generating key shares. As explained below, Diva does not require collateral in the current testnet version. You can read more about Diva Operators in the general Diva Staking documentation independently maintained by the Staking Foundation.

How to receive validator keys


In the current testnet version of Diva, collateral is not required yet. Key shares are distributed randomly to all Diva nodes that are online.

If you'd like to increase the chances of receiving a key share, you can stake more ETH in the testnet. Consider that this is a random process and does not guarantee you will receive key shares, but it increases the chance of creating new validators that might (or might not) get assigned to you.

Next steps

You can check to view live testnet statistics. If everything works well, you should find your node there!

During the Diva testnet, it is crucial that you keep your node updated with the latest version. Read carefully the Update your node section and remember to follow the #operator-announcements channel on Diva's Discord. Failing to update might mean you stop receiving key shares, and you will degrade the overall network performance (which relies on your DVT node).

The Diva testnet is still adding features and evolving, so enjoy the ride!