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Diva Staking protocol

Welcome to the comprehensive technical documentation of the Diva Staking protocol, designed to provide a detailed insight into the testnet environment, technical overviews, and intricate protocol details. Whether you're a developer, enthusiast, or simply curious about the inner workings of DIVA, this documentation aims to shed light on the intricacies of the system. From navigating the testnet to diving into the protocol's underlying mechanisms, you'll find information here to help you grasp the essence of the Diva Staking protocol. You can also find additional information independently maintained by the Staking Foundation.

Where do I start?

You can start by taking a look to the testnet instructions here.

Contribution guidelines

Enhance this documentation

You can contribute by editing the files in the folder /docs of the docs Github repository. To properly generate the sidebar, remember editing the file /sidebars.js accordingly. When you are done, open a pull request with the suggested changes.

Improve scripts and Docker containers

Help us improve the Diva Operator installation scripts and containers by submitting issues in the Diva Alpha Testnet repository.