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Register your node

Follow the instructions of this video to setup and register your node using the Diva Operator web UI.

To do that, you will need to access to the Diva operator web UI in any of two ways:

  • Local: http://localhost
  • Remote: http://YOUR_NODE_PUBLIC_IP

If you access to it remotely, remember typing YOUR_NODE_PUBLIC_IP:30000 when asked for the API URL of your node.

Having issues? Ask in #operator-testnet of Diva's community Discord.

Once your node is registered, you can start validating!

Test the Swagger API (optional)

If you are a developer and want to play around with the Diva API, you can make calls to your node API. All the API calls are documented in the Swagger API at YOUR_NODE_PUBLIC_IP:30000/swagger/index.html.

To access some of those API calls, you must first authenticate yourself. As shown in the following video, to authenticate click on Authorize and type Bearer DIVA_API_KEY, where DIVA_API_KEY is the password that you configured when installing Diva.