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Configure ports and run

Configure ports

Your Diva client needs to talk to other nodes in order to perform signatures, receive duties, and find peers. For that reason:

  • The port 5050 is used for P2P communication and MUST be open on your machine and exposed to the public internet.
  • The port 30000 is used to access the swagger API of your node and you SHOULD keep it open if you want to use the Operator UI.
  • The port 80 is used by the Operator UI and you SHOULD open it if you want to serve the Operator UI.

If you are running a machine on a local network, remember to forward traffic on your router to the open ports on your node. You could also run the Operator UI locally on your laptop and connect to the port 30000 of your Diva client using a VPN, keeping access to your node as constrained as possible.

Run Diva with Docker compose

Finally, to run your node, execute the following command:

# Run the docker compose file
docker compose up -d

Your node should be up and running, ready to continue the setup using the Operator UI as described in Register your node.