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Update Diva manually

Manual migration/update is always a useful option for any version of diva-alpha-net. For early testnet versions, automatic scripts are not backward compatible, and a manual upgrade is required.

1. Get the new version of diva-alpha-net

Stop the current docker-compose file navigating to the original diva folder:

cd ~/diva-alpha-net
docker compose down

If any file other than docker-compose.yml was used (as for example docker-compose-with-clients-metrics.yml), it can be specified as follows:

docker compose -f docker-compose-with-clients-metrics.yml down 

Create a backup of the whole directory where the diva-alpha-net was running by moving it to another folder:

mv ~/diva-alpha-net ~/diva-alpha-net-bak

And then, clone a fresh diva-aplha-net to the parent folder:

git clone ~/diva-alpha-net

Initialize a new .env from the provided .env.example template file:

cp ~/diva-alpha-net/.env.example ~/diva-alpha-net/.env 

2. Migrate the data

Copy the .diva folder from the ~/diva-alpha-net-bak folder to the new folder ~/diva-alpha-net:

cp -r ~/diva-alpha-net-bak/.diva ~/diva-alpha-net/.diva

Look for the value of the DIVA_VAULT_PASSWORD and paste it in the .env file in the new folder.

Depending on the version used, the DIVA_VAULT_PASSWORD can be at:

  • As an environment variable in any of the following docker compose files:
    • docker-compose.yml
    • docker-compose-with-clients.yml
    • docker-compose-with-clients-metrics.yml
  • In latest versions, it can be found in the .env file.

3. Done

You must stop and delete all the containers before starting the services again.

docker compose down
docker compose up -d

Diva logs can be checked using:

docker logs diva -f